Monday, October 20, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

Well, I ran across this blog doing "Kitchen Tip Tuesday" and since the kitchen is one place that I like to be, I thought I could participate. So, for my first tip,


It's a dandy tool for cutting up french toast or pancakes or whatever else your little ones might be eating. Simple to use and you aren't ending up with the mangled pieces of food that you get using a knife that won't cut thru something. So, that's it. Visit Tammy for more tips and some AWESOME looking recipes!


  1. I do this! So much faster than a knife or fork, or both. ;-)

  2. Yes, this is wonderful. Since I bought my new, really cool one my kids will use it themselves to cut anything. Maybe I will share a pic of that groovy pizza cutter on my blog.

  3. Great tip! I love my pizza cutter too! It is great for cutting the crusts off sandwiches, if you allow that sort of thing.


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