Sunday, August 17, 2008

Strictly photos...

To make up for the last couple of weeks, here's some pictures!

JoJo all ready to go to Granny's house.

Poppa and the boys after they got back from fishing....My dad was sure surprised that the boys could put their own bait on and take their own fish off....he wasn't going to fish, but the boys made him!

Yummy chocolate zucchini birthday cake! He fell asleep about the same time he finished.

JoJo's cool sunglasses. Yes, that's an owie by his nose. He went nose first into a plastic milk crate. OUCH! If he'd quit picking at it, it might go away someday.

Rugby at the last day of the Summer Reading Program. They have a little cookout at the park and activities.

JoJo had to be in the tree, too.

JoJo and Tucker having treats.

Riley and his snowcone at the SRP.

Tuck loves PIE!


  1. Your boys always look like they are having so much fun. Looks like mom is doing something right. I've missed your blogging. Glad you're back xo


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