Friday, August 08, 2008

Not feeling it

I want to blog, really I do. I have pictures and we've been busy doing things, but I just haven't felt like getting everything loaded and doing it.

We're going to have company the 18th thru 20th and Tim will be back around the 23rd, so we'll see if I feel up to getting that done before I have that much more to blog about.

My good friends Adam and Kelly took the boys for a bit last night so that I could escape for a bit and it was WONDERFUL! I ate dinner from Acoustic Cafe on Broadway in Menomonie and it was open mic night. The one guy I heard was really good. I grabbed my food and left because I have mommy guilt for being away and enjoying myself. I had a haircut while at walmart (there's a Cost Cutters there) and it didn't turn out bad at all....once I did it myself today. The girl had done a terrible job of styling it. Then I came home and we celebrated the end of Kelly's summer school with a bottle of champagne. YUM! And earlier we had a bottle of blueberry wine from Kerrigan Brothers. It was better with Sprite in it, but it was good.

So, anyway, I need to go get something ready to take to Adam and Kelly's for dinner tonight. Hopefully I'll have more to come for you later!!


  1. Hey, Jess! I just thought I'd tell you thanks for posting that sparkpeople website...I love it!! THANKS BUNCHES!!!

    ~Chicken Bone

  2. Awful nice of A and K

  3. Yum! Acoustic Cafe! I loved that place when I was in college......oh the memories! I am going to have to get up there one of these days. ~Sonja


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