Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Birthday TJ!

Can you believe he's 2?! Where HAS the time gone?!

I had this beautiful, touching post about him all planned (in my head) and somewhere over the coarse of the day it seeped out before I could write it. I'm looking for the keys to the safe where I keep the discs with the past years pictures, so I'll have a "TJ in review" post sometime after I find the keys. (Any ideas where they might be? Your guess is probably about as good as mine!)

I do have a video of him with his cake tonight, but I'll post that tomorrow. Good night!


  1. In the left desk drawer Jess :) Hey, I took a shot at where the pics might be. I have to say though, I LOVE that strawberry face on you posted. TOO ADORABLE. Happy Birthday TJ (a day late)!!

  2. Happy belated birthday TJ!
    Gary & Sandy

  3. Happy Second Birthday TJ!HOpe it was a very nice one.


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