Saturday, July 19, 2008

25 down

Today I got on the scale for this Ragamuffin thing....again. Two weeks ago, we were staying at my parents house so I got to use their digital scale. I got great news while we were there. Last week, I was back home and on my dial scale that SUCKETH and was in the house when we moved in. I have never in my 28 years bought a scale until this past week. I was sick and tired of having to make a guess of my weight. I found some money in a pair of shorts that I forgot I had, so found money is fun money, right?! It was for me. Anyway, that day I took it to walmart and bought my first digital scale. It sends electromagnetic pulses through your body to measure body fat and also hydration. Pretty nice scale for the $25 I spent. Anyway, I'm down to 178 which is only 1 pound lost since two weeks ago, BUT my hubby left then and I haven't exercised since, so it really isn't bad. I've been using Spark People more and logging my food intake....I can actually have what I think is a bad day eating and stay under calories which is really nice. I know it's not great to eat some of the things I've been eating, but I miss him and I find comfort in chocolate. I'm a sucker for brownies. Then the kids found out that I ate them all without sharing and I caught a whole load of crap for it, so I guess I won't be doing that again soon. lol! Anyway, back to the is only 1 pound down, but it's a big milestone: I have lost 25 pounds since MAY. I'm 3 pounds from my goal and I'm sure that I'm going to change my goal....another 10-20 pounds off would be good, but I'm not making any decisions til I actually hit the one that I've already made.

So, for this week I plan to:
*Use the gazelle 2 days for at least 20 minutes.
*Ride bike with the boys at least 2 days for 2 miles each older boys are 5 and 7, I think they can handle 2 miles....we'll see.
*Keep water intake at 64 oz like I've been able to do this last week. Cross your fingers...this might be the hardest goal of the week!

How are the rest of you doing???

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  1. Hey, sorry bout the video, but Vimeo seems to be having issues today.
    25 pounds is freakin fantastic!! Awesome job on the 1 pound too. My doctor just told me that the best rate to lose weight is 1 pound a week. He says you're much more likely to gain it back if you lose big amounts on a weekly basis. So, the doc says you're doing great!!!
    Thanks for the encouragement and you have a great week!!


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