Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Big Reveal

Remember WAY BACK WHEN? When I told you that I was working on the laundry room and making it bright and pretty? FINALLY I am close enough to done to show you! I still have to paint the cabinet over the washer and dryer, but that's it and I'm done. I'd maybe like some pictures to hang on the wall. Maybe some black and white flowers or some REALLY BRIGHT flowers or something. I'm not sure, but since we probably won't be here forever, I may not even worry about that. So, go check out the before pictures. I'll wait.

Seriously, did you go look at the nasty that used to be my laundry room. GO! I. Will. Wait!

OK! Here it is!!

See the nice folding counter and the hanging bar? LOVELY!
Big wash tub sink (It's not hooked up yet, but at least it's there!)
Nice little sink. I hung the towel bar back up that was down there and bought some new pretty towels. I may embellish them with some ribbon or lace, but they're fine for now.
I hung the thing on the door for the broom and it's so handy! The kids broke the dust pan I had, but I'll get a new one eventually. The really nice shelves Timmy built for me come in so handy!!
Here's my pretty clock I got at a yard sale. It was still in the box!

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  1. Jess that looks great!I love all those shelves!


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