Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Muffintop Challenge

This week was better. I ate smaller portions to make up for not always eating "good" things.

There was some walking and biking that happened, but I can't remember how much. With 4 kids, I'm not sure how I remember anything!

Weight last week: 186
THis week: 184 (-2!!!)

So, goal this week is to be more active. The weather is no longer working against me, so I need to get up and GO! I walked 2.3 miles this morning (and it's only 6:20!). I know that I'll be biking at least 1 1/2 miles later today. So that's that.

Sorry this is late! Visit Ragamuffin Soul for more participants!


  1. great job on the weight loss! I keep hearing that portion control is the key to weight loss, so keep that up!

  2. I admire what you are doing, and by posting it on the blog. It is inspiring, and although my numbers are likely to go up in the coming months, I too want them to eventually come down!

  3. two pounds, nice! keep up the activity and the portion control.

    you can do this.

  4. Hey good job! Two pounds is something to be proud about!!

    Keep it up!


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