Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hodge Podge

This post is going to be a catch up post. We've been busy. Tim finished the living room floor and the tile entry. He did get the trim and door back on, but I took the picture before that part was done. I also stained and poly-d the transition piece that is on now, too. You'll have to come visit to see!
See my new rug....even Tucker likes it. (I don't know if he laid down or fell down to sleep like that, but he HAD to have been tired to lay like that!)
Yesterday he did our bedroom. Even got the trim back on! I know! I was shocked, too. It's so nice, though. Since the carpet has been out of the living room, TJ's perpetual runny nose has gone which is SO NICE!! I can't begin to tell you how sick of hauling around kleenex everywhere I was.

Tim has taken the boys fishing quite a bit lately. Last night Riley caught a 10" bluegill and a 9" one, too. He had a great night. He also caught a 14" bass last week.

And they caught their limit on Glen Lake last weekend, too.

Rugby has less patience for the fishing. He's got lots of "What if" questions....like "What if I caught 200 fish?" And he spends so much time asking questions that he doesn't have his line in the water so he doesn't catch as many as Riley and Tim which leads to MORE questions. It's a vicious circle for him. Last night he was running in the sand and having way more fun doing that. He put my worms on for me and I did the rest. I caught a 7" sunfish. Not big, but only Riley was catching monsters last night. :)

Here's some other random pix from the last few days:

Why lay ON the hammock when you can lay UNDER it?


  1. Thanks for posting all the pictures - I so wish we lived closer! And that smile on little Tucker is so awesome!

  2. Love that proud look on Riley's face! And the look on Tucker's face....it just made me laugh out loud!! And Rugby's picture is great! You could enter all of them in that contest!

  3. your kids are cute... LBB


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