Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Coolest Party Evah!

FOR REALS! (I think I read too much Perez Hilton)

We started the day tying t-shirts and soaking them in vinegar water to dye later. Then, we ate lunch (burgers, dogs, veggies, chips, strawberry salad).

After the kids ate and ran for a bit, we did our first experiment: Exploding Coke! The kids weren't sure what would happen when the Mentos dropped into the coke, so they were pretty surprised to see it come shooting out of the bottle. It even hit the trees above us on our first try. Tries #2 and 3 weren't as good, but they still worked.

Then, we talked about using nature items for dyes. I had boiled red cabbage to make dye and also dandelion (yellow) and lily of the valley (green) but they didn't work too well. The vinegar mordant we used reacted with the cabbage to make a lovely purple color (the cabbage water is actually blue when you boil it). I had some RIT dye here that we used for those that wanted dark green shirts. The kids really seemed to enjoy that.

Then, we had SLIME TIME! We made our own slime with water, glue and "magic potion" (borax water) to make some really cool slime stuff.

Then Tim instigated a water fight and the kids took turns spraying everyone with the hose and dumping cups of water on each other.

There was also a station where they could guess if something was going to sink or swim.
Riley, Juliana, TJ and Eric seemed to enjoy that the most.

Then we planted RED HOT POKERS for the kids to plant outside at home when they grow.

Then we had cake and ice cream. Honestly, I think this was the coolest birthday cake I have EVER made. The grossest, too! It turned out so awesome. Well worth the time I invested in that this morning!!

Align Center
After that they played for a bit before we opened presents (where there was a small balloon fight!) and more outdoor play.

All in all, it was a fun Tim asked how I'm going to top this for next time.....I just don't know the answer to that one, yet.

(Link to last year's party)


  1. OMG!! The cake turned out AWESOME!! It looks just like the pic we looked at! Looks like everyone had a blast. Happy Birthday Bug!

  2. No offense Jess, but that cake looks a little gross (but I guess it was meant to be that way)!!! How did you get the frosting to shine like that? And, that wasn't TJ in the first picture, was it?

  3. Yes, the cake was meant to be gross...the kids fought over who was going to eat the organs. ick!

    And no, the first picture is not TJ, it's Eric who is a week younger than TJ and Rugby's girlfriend Nancy's little brother.

  4. Wow! Looks like that was a pretty awesome party. You are so creative! Ryan liked the cake... nt sure if I would eat it though.

  5. Wow! Impressive party and even more impressive cake. It beats the heck out of my lame-o pirate party. Are you available for consultation?

  6. what a fun party!! i have to get up there one weekend this summer! i miss you guys so much! i cant believe how grown up rugby is! I still remember the day he was born!


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