Monday, April 07, 2008

There's been an accident...

Everyone is fine.

We painted the living room Saturday, as I told you earlier. So, today I was emptying the hutch to move that for painting the other half of the living room and re-hanging the things that we took down to paint. I hung everything using the same screws in the same holes I took them out of. About an hour or two later, Tucker was sleeping and Rugby, Riley and TJ were downstairs playing with me when we heard a big crash. Here's what I found:

The shelf that Tim built for me for our first Christmas was what fell. The mirror on the back of it broke, otherwise it was still fine. The pretties I had on it, though were another story altogether. Here are the survivors:
See the pretty pink ballerina? TJ took care of that one, so I'm down to 4 Dreamsicles. It was terrible. There were some Dreamsicles that meant a lot to me that got broken, but on the other hand, I'd rather everyone of them got broken if it meant that the boys were safe, and they were. It could have been much worse and I'm grateful that it was just the stuff that got broken and my boys were fine. It's still sad, though!

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  1. Sorry to see the mess!! I'm glad that some survived.

    I guess you just cannot have nice things! :)



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