Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Danger! Danger!

Seems Mr. Rugby wants to give his mother gray hair. Sunday, the boys were playing in their fort. They set up a zip line after seeing Kelly's field trip pictures, and I've watched them climb down it easily enough so we left it there. This weekend, however, they decided to take that down and Rugby (aka Mr. Graceful) managed to get himself tangled up in it. I was folding laundry and when I peeked out the door, Riley was trying to help him down, but couldn't get it and we heard Rugby tell him to go get Tim.....so I went for the camera knowing I had a second or two.

I don't know how he did this. I know that he didn't get hurt, however he did it because he did it again at least twice more after Tim let him down the first time. Once that he got out of himself and once that Tim needed to go let him out again. These boys love that fort. I told Tim that I expect our first broken bone by the end of summer.

My money's on Rugby.

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