Friday, March 21, 2008


It was fun, but LONG!

Thursday, Rugby's friend Brandon and his grandpa and I took all the boys (my 4 and Brandon) to the St. Paul Children's Museum. There were some great exhibits! There was a giant ant hill that the kids could climb up and under and through. There was a water works thing with bubbles and using water and pressure to move ping pong balls around, boat races, another area was set up for construction, there was a kiddie factory that the kids could move the conveyor belts with cranks and there are jobs for lots of kids. There were even magnetic gears on a wall that the kids could move around to explore how they work (big are slow, little are faster, etc). It was a ton of fun! We got there around 1 and had to beg and plead and promise dessert to the kids to get them to leave at 4:30ish. We didn't get to go into the Run, Jump and Fly thing, but TJ, Tucker and I did play in the Sesame Street area and had fun. There was the Sesame Street stairs that were on camera so that you could see yourself on a TV screen. We also had an on-camera puppet show. I've attached a couple pictures. I'd love to take the kids back again. I think Rugby would've had more fun if he were able to have a little more input what we did instead of following Brandon the whole time, but they did all have a good time. There were some very tired boys last night! Enjoy!

Jaimie has more pictures of R&R with Brandon, so if I get some of those, I'll post them later!


  1. Looks like fun! My girls love going to the children's museums when we can - although I am usually just as tired as them afterwards!


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