Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Study Of Opposites

Today was the Glenwood City wrestling tournament for the youth wrestlers. The boys both asked last night if we could go, so we did. Riley and Rugby wrestled their first matches at the same time, so Tim watched Rugby and I stayed with Riley. Rugby got pinned :( so there was time for them to come cheer for Riley. It was a good match. They were pretty close the whole time. Riley lost by 2 points! SO CLOSE! The next two matches for Rugby went the same as the first. From what I could tell, the other boys had more experience and more aggressiveness. I think the 2nd two watched the first match because all 3 boys pinned him the same way. So sad to watch. He wasn't too thrilled that he took 4th (of 4), but was glad that he got a trophy and said he tried his best.

Riley, on the other hand, is a BIT more aggressive. He was doing takedowns and half nelson's and reversals left and right. His next two matches he won by points. One he even skunked the other boy! He was thrilled with his second place trophy.

TJ wasn't too happy with watching, he wanted to be out there with Riley most of the time. I hope that as he grows he'll like wrestling. If not, that's ok too but it sure would be fun to have another wrestler to watch. I think that wrestling will go by the wayside for Rugby in a few years....once he discovers something that better suits him. Like track or cross country. The kid LOVES to run....I have NO IDEA where he gets that from because it wasn't me!! The coming years are sure to be interesting.


  1. Good job, boys! We're very proud of you both!!

    Auntie Loie

  2. :)
    How cute are those little wrestlers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???


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