Thursday, February 28, 2008

They just FEEL better!

I was reading this post today from another Blog Her blogger.

I totally get her high! I do the exact same thing all over the Internet. I love Internet shopping. I put thousands of dollars of merchandise into my "cart" knowing I can't REALLY buy it, but it feels good to shop anyway. Any form of retail therapy I can get, I guess. There really isn't anything as exciting as walking the perimeter of Tar-jay checking the end caps for insanely discounted goodies. Tim's even addicted to it...especially him! Anyway, in the comments, Michelle was talking about going home and instantly wearing the new clothes! I DO THAT! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how new clothes feel and look BEFORE they're washed. We have a friend who is a touch on the psychotic side when it comes to new clothes(I mean that in the BEST possible way, Adam) and thinks that we're all going to die of formaldehyde poisoning from wearing new clothes. Never mind the fact that they never get as clean if you wear before washing. So, which side of the great divide are YOU on?


  1. I love wearing new clothes off the hanger (besides, then you can return it if it doesn't fit), and Ethan needs to wash everything. :) I'm addicted to craigs list looking for deals.

  2. I don't wash it or take the tags off until I wear it. That way if I change my mind I can return it.

  3. I'm with Adam, I wash the clothes, but that's more cuz I don't want other people's nastiness touching me!!! I'm a little OCD


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