Thursday, February 21, 2008

Crackin' the whip

Time to get moving! We're hoping to put the house up for sale this spring, no matter where/if Tim has a job (or not). So, as I've posted before, we're working hard on some projects. Monday, Tim was off school and so were the boys, so they took the long weekend to put in a new railing to the basement! Can you believe it?! We're FINALLY rid of the wrought iron railings in the house....outside is another story, but I can handle it's where it belongs. Anyway, here's a picture for you.


  1. Nice work guys, looks good!
    Aunt Sandy

  2. That looks nice.

  3. You are moving again? Wow you guys sure like to stay busy!! The new railing looks great!!

  4. Nice job of that railing. Y'all wanna come south?


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