Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rugby's Tubes


Terribly sorry I've been majorly slacking on the blogging lately. I seem to be in a funk. Anywho, Rugby had an appt to see the ENT last week (I think I told ya'll that...) and he had his tubes placed today. They said that they were long overdue as the fluid was thick and sticky like glue. We have to go back in 2 weeks because he's concerned that it'll clog the tube and that just isn't a good thing! So, we were in St. Croix Falls (about an hour NW of us) at 8:15 and leaving by 10:15.

On the way home, Rugby was hungry, so we stopped at Mc D's in Turtle Lake and ate in the car on the way to pick up Riley and TJ from Edna's. He was so good the whole time. Then we saw the school. And there were cars there and waterworks ensued. Rugby was upset that he was missing school and that school wasn't cancelled. (Actual air temp was -29 this morning) So, being that he was doing well and his homework was done, we dropped him off at school where he is now.

Only my kid would be upset about missing school.

Anyway, he's doing great!

In other business:
Happy 51st Birthday, Daddy!


  1. I guess I shouldn't be complaining about how cold it is down here in Indiana (8 degrees right now)! I'm glad to hear Rugby's surgery went well. He sounds like he is taking after his dad with school...

  2. -29. Farenheit.


    Ok, I'll shut up about the weather now.


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