Thursday, January 17, 2008

Insurance ROCKS!

Recall January 8th? TJ got tubes in his ears after fighting ear infections and fluid since LAST January. I never should have let it go on so long, but here we are and he's doing better.

Last Thursday (like a week ago today), we got a note from the school nurse that Rugby failed his hearing test for the THIRD time since school started. Ugh. So, I called the insurance to find an ENT we didn't need a referral for. There are 2 ENT's in Eau Claire that take our insurance. One is the wench we saw that asked me "what's his problem" when TJ was crying (scared). The other retired and the new guy hasn't started yet. So, then they gave me another phone number to try. It was for St. Croix Falls....about an hour from here. It's not really that much further than Eau Claire from here, but it's kinda out in the sticks. Anyway, I called Thursday, they saw him Wednesday. His hearing was just as bad or worse than TJ's and it's because of the fluid in his ears that never drained from his ear infection this fall. So, Thursday next week (the 24th) Rugby is getting tubes and maybe having his adenoids removed. He snores and constantly sounds stuffy, so they're going to check it out while they've got him sedated. Anyway, I'm SOOOOOOOO glad we have insurance to help cover this!!


  1. Push for the adenoids to come out. They are useless little things and he will sleep soooo much better!

    Miss you!

  2. I still want to slap the wench-ish ENT. Maybe someday. Or maybe karma will do it for me.

    Hang on, Rugby! You'll feel soooooo much better!

  3. I think Tim had the same thing done when he was small. Does he still snore?


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