Saturday, December 01, 2007


Alrighty! Finally, it's the anticipated rundown of the Thanksgiving festivities! This year, we have so very much to be thankful for. Mr. Tucker's health is at the top of my list. He gave us all such a scare and I am so thankful that he's doing well. Being that he hasn't learned to be a good traveler, yet, we decided to stay home and host Thanksgiving here for everyone that we knew that had nowhere else to go. We had Rugby's friend Brandon and his family (3), Hallie and Joyce from next door (2), Tim's grandparents (2), Adam and Kelly (2), Adam's dad, Leroy (1), Kelly's sister, her boyfriend and her son (3), plus the six of us. Are you counting? That makes 19!

Here's the menu:
25#'s of turkey
crockpots of:
*baked beans
*green bean casserole
*mashed potatoes (10#'s!)
*apple scented venison roast, shaved thin

squash with nutmeg, butter and brown sugar
rolls Grandma Bosman made
jello salad Grandma Bosman made
6 dozen deviled eggs
black olives
green olives

And who could forget dessert??
I made:
2 pumpkin fluff pies
1 strawberry rhubarb pie
1 FABULOUS peanut butter cheesecake with chocolate ganache (2 tries to get that right since the first batch of chocolate was bad. Ugh!)

Here's seating: (Notice the Indian Corn....Rugby thought we needed to have some ;) )

Beverage table waiting for guests to arrive to set more things out....
For supper, we had rolls with butter and honey, cocktail weiners with BBQ sauce, cheese and venison sausage, pickles, olives, leftover deviled eggs (there were only 8 left that I threw away that night from 6 dozen!), fiesta dip and chips. YUM YUM!

We had such a nice day visiting with everyone. Hopefully it'll work out to do it again another time. My mom suggested a Christmas open house, so we'll see if I get on top of that or not....


  1. What a day that must have and your family are very special! Your friends are very lucky to have you in their lives. Sounds like everyone had a great time and your menu put mine to shame. We are all so thankful that the boys are both doing so much better!! Love ya all!

  2. What a busy girl you were! No wonder you had to take a little time to break down! We had non-traditional ham and twice baked potatoes and the pastor made a very good cheese cake!
    Steve said gandpa wanted to come because you made good food!
    Glad the boys are feeling better. Hope to see you at Christmas if not before.

  3. Wow! that is quite a menu! The house looked really nice.

    It is good that you had some practice on that cheesecake...:-)

  4. that looks like a whole lotta work - and a whole lotta fun!

  5. WOW - what a spread! Sounds like a fun day!! Good to hear everyone is feeling better. Rach & I are scheduled to make cookies this weekend - hopefully it works...

    You know, I work with computers all day but I have a hell of a time with the password on this site...After 3 tries, I give up. Loie

  6. Loie, I know what you mean about the passwords!
    Jess, how do you do all this with the boys around? I have enough trouble without "help"! It sounds great and like everybody had lots of fun.


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