Friday, November 30, 2007

ENT visit, Shrek 3 and me :)

First thing this morning (I'm talking FIRST 3am...) TJ was up and raring to go. Finally got him back to sleep at 5:30 or so. He walked to the kitchen, after climbing over me from on the couch, stands in front of the stove and asks (in sign) for a drink. Little stinker knows that his cups are in the cabinet above the stove. So, I get him a drink and he goes right to sleep. YAY! 6:00 my friend Kathy calls, but I was expecting that one. What I wasn't expecting was the zero sleep I got that night and not actually hearing it ring until the last time. Anyway, when Tim got up a bit after 6, TJ was up and ready to go. Crawled over me again and went RUNNING to daddy. I love that! We got ready and got R&R on the bus to school and TJ and Tucker and I went to Eau Claire to visit the ENT doc. She suggests tubes, so Tim and I are going to talk about that. Then, someone at Stout told Timmy about a book sale at Memorial High School (in EC), so I stopped to check it out. Everything was half off! I got 7 books (5 easy readers that R&R will enjoy) and 2 chapter books that I plan to read to R&R (and TJ if he'll sit still long enough). I was kinda disappointed to learn that one of the chapter books is the second in a series...didn't learn that til I was already home. So, I found #1 on eBay and it ends tonight! With shipping, it'll be about what I paid at the book sale, so I guess that's not the worst. At least we'll be able to start the series from the beginning!

On the way home, I stopped and picked up some movies that were waiting for me. Knocked Up, Monster, Stranger Than Fiction, and SHREK THE THIRD! I watched Shrek while trying to take a nap. It was alright as much as I saw. TJ asked to take a nap about 10 minutes in, so I put him down and I crashed shortly after....until my darling brother-in-law, Joel called and woke me up. Tomorrow night the boys will have movie night with me and we'll watch it then.

For my birthday, Timmy was so sweet and bought me presents since mom beat him to the ice cream cake. He bought me a bead organizer and a food processor. Now, before you go nuts about me getting an appliance for a gift, I WAS/AM THRILLED! He remembered I wanted one. Took the time to research them, and bought one he thought would work best. Yay Timmy! I made BBQ pork ribs, mashed potatoes and corn for supper and it was really yummy! (I wish I'd have remembered to buy boneless, but they were still good! I grilled them, then put in the crockpot with Original Sweet Baby Ray's and they were FALL APART tender. So good!!) Anyway, that was that.

Maybe this weekend I'll get around to giving y'all the rundown on the Thanksgiving Feast we had here. I loved hosting and it turned out fabulous! Until later,

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