Sunday, December 16, 2007

Loss of the Holiday Spirit

This holiday season started off fabulously. I was psyched to host the Thanksgiving dinner of all Thanksgiving dinners. It was a major success. Then, the kids and I did some baking and somewhere along the lines my holiday spirit went out the window. Everyday that Christmas inches closer, I have less and less desire to do anything. I have a few books for the boys, Monica's present bought, and made Kathy's present. I bought the kids exchange presents for school and I made my chocolate for the exchange. I have FABRIC to make the nieces and nephew's presents(since OCTOBER!), but haven't actually made them yet. I made peanut butter balls, sugar cookies, no-bake cookies (since my FIL was here and he likes them), a couple batches of mint chocolate cookies, bought pretzels and chocolate for dipping but didn't make them, either. I've spent 2 mornings at school with Riley helping in his classroom, but I just get more and more stressed and worried and crabby the closer the holiday gets. I know that I'll be seeing many of you over the holiday season, and don't get me wrong I LOVE THAT! but, I don't wanna make the long drive with 4 kids and a bunch of nights in places that aren't our own beds. I have 3 boys that live here that are able to help me and don't and I have 2 boys that love to hang on me and need me 24/7. It's starting to be too much. I hate feeling like this every time a holiday gathering rolls around. I'm such a hermit, I'd rather stay in my little cocoon and hibernate than come out to play. I usually have a good time once I'm there, but it's getting me out of this house that's the hard part.

Maybe what I'm trying to say is "Wake me up when September ends." Or at least spring.


  1. My advice: Stay home for Christmas (or at least cut out whatever you can)!!!! The thought of you FIVE traveling (with 2 under the age of 2) and staying in multiple places is enough to stress me out! Your family (the 5 of you) take any priority - and you can't do it all, all the time. :)

  2. agreed! You are supposed to enjoy the holidays! That is why I did not do any baking this year! Oh well. If stuff doesn't get done - everyone will survive! :-)

  3. maybe you are drinking too did score pretty high on that booze how about laying off the eggnog...

  4. Well, you know my theory on Holidays, so you have my support to stay home. In fact, I could hide at your house so I don't have to go to my Christmas! Animals are a good reason to stay home too, right? Did I mention that our sitter backed out?



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