Thursday, November 08, 2007

I Heart Electrolux!

(The pix are up on my post "So Much")

Yesterday, the Electrolux sales guy was here (actually, it was Tanya's ex, Kyle) and cleaned my carpet in the living room. It was amazing, and if I had the money I'd totally be getting one!!

Here's the carpet before: You can kind of see some of the stains. If you've been here, you know how bad it was and this picture isn't showing HALF the stains....

Here's the after:

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  1. Do the stains stay gone?? Let me know in a week or two -- our carpet is horrible as well, and we clean it, it looks great, then icky again a few days later when the stains re-appear... Let me know if this works, I'll totally get one of those guys to my house!!


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