Tuesday, November 06, 2007

So much!

There's so much I want to update you all on!

1st: We sold the house. Closing was supposed to be Oct 31st, but the buyer didn't show up for closing. We hired a lawyer. I met with him today. Don't really know too much other than that right now.

2nd: Tim's been busy around here! He passed his 2nd benchmark interview, so when he passes his Praxis 2 (takes it opening weekend), he'll be all set for Student Teaching. YAY Timmy! He's also built a few things around here. Here's the boys working on my laundry room:

3rd: TUCKER IS GROWING LIKE A WEED! I had him in to the dr before Jason's wedding and he was 10# 9oz. Exactly 2 weeks later I had to stop and pick up WIC checks and they weighed him at 12# 8oz. Yay Tucker!!

4th: Riley blew bubbles in his ear...I had him in to Urgent Care last night and he's got an ear infection, but it bubbled up on his ear drum and looked then like it was about ready to rupture which they said would be good because it wouldn't hurt him anymore then. So, we're on pain drops and amoxicillin and tylenol. I guess this type of ear infection is rare, but not serious. He went to school today, so all must be well with him.

5th: Christine was here to visit.

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