Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Lost a kid and other stuff...

Well, with a title like that, I suppose I should explain first. Sunday, we went to Menards because my dishwasher died Thursday and I can't keep up to the dishes produced with a baby to take care of, so we went to get a new one. It needed to be updated anyway. While we were there, we ordered countertop to finish the kitchen (since the breakfast bar has different top than the main counters and with the new dishwasher....you get the idea). While Tim was taking care of that, Rugby had to go potty. So, I left TJ and Riley with Tim and took the other 2 with me. When we come back, Tim is walking the aisle with a clerk and a panic-y face on. Riley was pushing a blue cart (the kind that you put sheets of plywood/drywall/etc on...you know, noisy) and he was following Tim one second and the next he was gone. They couldn't find him. Pushing that cart, it's surprising that he could get away without being noticed. Anyway, when we got back and found out he was missing, I went into panic mode and started pacing the main aisle looking down both sides and I SEE HIM!! He was WAAAAAAYYYYY on the other side of the store, but I yelled anyway and he came running. He didn't cry until Tim was hugging him, then it was like someone opened the flood gates. Yesterday, though, he told me that he wasn't scared and he was only crying for a different reason. Yea, ok. lol! Anyway, he's safe. We ordered countertop for the kitchen, the blue bathroom, and picked up countertop for the laundry room project that we haven't started yet. (Maybe this weekend?) Here's some pictures of Tim installing the new dishwasher with his little helpers.

And, I was scolded Sunday afternoon, too. Seems my darling SIL, the shining star, doesn't think I post enough pictures of the fourth child and I should make a better effort to take pictures of Tucker with the boys as well as withOUT the boys. So, here's a few Tucker pix for you.

And here's one of Daddy's little shadow:


  1. I see Lisa has still not gotten over being the youngest - the 'forgotten' one. She has given me those lectures to - to not forget about Ava!!! perhaps she needs therapy - what do you think?

  2. Cute cute!! it is fun to see how they like to "help" their dad! Tucker is getting big!

  3. I think Riley is taking after his auntie Sue. She would get lost every once in a while too. Everyone else would move and she would just stay where she was or she would duck out to look at something and not say anything. Glad he was found quickly!


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