Friday, September 07, 2007

Visitors and the 1st day of school

Over the Labor Day weekend, Mom and Dad came out to visit and brought Miss Lindsay with them. The boys had fun loving on her. Mom and I chilled out with the kiddos and Dad and Tim worked...LOL! They took a tree down on the west side of the house, and one for the 87 year old blind neighbor, too. The brush is still laying in the yard to prove it. (Dump day is Saturday, so we'll get rid of some of it then). It was so nice to have Mom and Dad and Ninny here. Sunday we went to church and out for lunch before they headed back.

On Monday, we went to Menards and bought some fencing to put up to help contain some of the mess and make it look less messy. I like it so far, but Tim didn't count right when he was getting some brackets, so we have to wait until he gets back to Menards to get more to put the last panel up. When we got home, we went to church for a pork chop dinner. It was YUMMY! It was our once a month social event. The kids had fun playing with the hose and water balloons and even a little volleyball.

Tuesday was the first day of school!! We went in and had pictures taken, met the teachers and dropped off supplies and that was it, they were done. So, Wednesday was Rugby's first real day of school and he loved it!! He's got the same teacher as his friend Brandon that called everyday all summer to play, so both boys were happy. Today was Riley's first whole day. It took 1/2 an hour and promise of strawberry cake to have him stay, but he did and he enjoyed it. One of his classmates lives a few doors down from us and she was here playing tonight with her sister. They were on a walk with their mom and stopped to see Tucker. (And it was HOMEMADE strawberry cake with lemon glaze and toasted almonds on top and so yummy that there is NONE LEFT!!) I did send 4 small pieces home with Brandon tonight, but the rest we ate at supper and I ate the last piece after the boys were in bed. YUM, YUM, YUM!

This is the boys on Tuesday, ready for school!

Here's TJ lovin' on Tucker with Daddy protecting the poor little guy....


  1. You need to post the recipe for that strawberry cake!!!!

  2. Paradis Family-9/10/2007 10:03 AM

    Tucker is so tiny!It was nice to see a picture of Tim with the baby.Now we need one of you with the baby!I got to check out this dessert too.Jess is such a good cook I am sure this one will be added and a keeper too.


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