Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"That" Mom

Apparently, I'm "THAT" mom that everyone loves to hate.....SEEMINGLY organized and put together, calm and patient at all times, never worked up about anything....

Ok, that's not me AT ALL! But apparently I do I good job of hiding it. Today, my friend Kelly was just astonished that I had R&R to school on bikes, TJ in the bike trailor and TJ3 (Tucker) in the front carrier and me on my bike and I was just cool as a cucumber. Funny how things aren't always as they seem........earlier in the morning I was having a tantrum over TJ1 (Timmy) leaving butter, honey, cinnamon sugar and bread crumbs on the counter, TJ1 not closing cupboard doors, and TJ1 not cleaning up after himself. Last night I had a break down and dropped the kids on TJ1 the minute he walked thru the door from school and left....shaking. I NEEDED the time away. It felt sooooooooooooooo good to walk around Walmart without ANYONE talking to me or me having to chase someone or say NO a million times. I even bought material for Claire, Ava, Leah and Ryan's Christmas presents.

Oh, did I mention that I forgot to send snack to school with Rugby this morning? Um, yea, it's that kind of day.


  1. Well, I would still have to agree that you are an amazing mom & wife & sister-in-law!! With five boys to take care of, who wouldn't need some time alone every now and then!! Take care!

  2. You are the WONDERMOM....you should get a break once in a while. Having all those men to take care you - you are GREAT!

  3. You are still special because you do it day after day without a lot of breaks!! Sometimes you just need to get away...and maybe have ice cream. Love you!

  4. MaleesaParadis9/18/2007 3:43 PM

    We all get like that Jess.Your not alone!


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