Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A new project

Instead of bow hunting this weekend (the poor deer in the backyard are safe....for now), Timmy did a little project for me. Friday night, he cut out the pieces and got it all put together and Saturday was spent staining and installing a new shelf in my kitchen. It meant that he'd have to put in a new outlet....up high enough for the microwave to sit on the shelf. But he didn't count on the wall anchors not working right...

Installing backer so that the shelf would have something solid to anchor to. (Which meant I'd have to repaint part of the wall once he got it all spackled up nice again)

Working on poking a hole in the outlet box to run wires for the new outlet.

TA-DA! A pretty new shelf for my microwave and cookbooks.

Of course, TJ had to inspect....

Here's TJ and Riley from yesterday morning. Riley had peeled a grapefruit and left it on the work table. TJ then climbed the step stool so that he could get up there and have some, too.


  1. That looks really nice Jess.

  2. Nice job Timmy! Jessie has a very helpful hubby. Of course she is pretty handy too. The new blog look is nice too.


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