Thursday, September 20, 2007


**Ok, now that I have time, I'll comment on the day. I wanted to get the pix up last night so that they weren't too late in getting there.

I think Riley had a great day. He got cards and phone calls and even a package from Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Ethan. When Tim got home from school (he only has class until 10 on Wednesday's), we took him out for lunch at Bloomer's here in Boyceville for chicken drummies. Then, we made birthday cake. We used bunny sprinkles since that's what he wanted. After school, Brandon came over (Rugby and Brandon are in the same class, but Riley and Brandon have become friends, too). We had the supper that Riley picked out (venison!), and then had cake. The boys all had lots of time to play and I think they had fun. They were in the Bouncy House thing from Uncle Joel and Uncle Tom until about 7:30! So, that's the day in a nutshell!

Opening presents from Aunt Steph, Uncle Ethan and the girls:

Foaming dino egg
Searching for "fossils"

Assembling the dinosaur


MOVIE: Singing Happy Birthday

(Steph: Thanks for the other goodies in Riley's box!!!)


  1. If Tim doesn't make it in teaching, he could always go into singing with that beautiful voice!!! Glad Riley liked the dino! Claire couldn't understand why, again, we couldn't go to visit Riley on his birthday for cake...

  2. Happy Birthday Riley! Sorry we missed it!

  3. Paradis Family~9/27/2007 7:46 AM

    Happy Belated Birthday Riley!


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