Thursday, June 07, 2007

Stupid People Suck

(The title of today's post comes from Granny. I think it fits quite nicely.)

Today is day 7 since the realtor called and asked if we'd accept a new offer from the people that previously offered. We agreed and they were to get the offer together and get it to us Monday. Since then there have been NUMEROUS calls from our realtor to theirs in an effort to find out what's going on since there has been NO word what-so-ever. Today, I called John (our realtor guy) and asked what's up, again. He STILL had no answer and is just as frustrated or more so than we are. He asked if I'd call their realtor and let them know I was the property owner and see if I could get a response. I DID!! She answered the phone right away. (She didn't answer at all the last time I tried calling). So, she said basically that she was just checking to see how low we would go. The couple offering was "frustrated when you didn't accept their previous offer." Um, excuse me, could that be because it was RIDICULOUSLY low and you weren't willing to come up when you saw we weren't giving the farm away?? She told me that there was another property in Bonduel that they were interested in for less money. GREAT! THEN GO JERK THEIR CHAIN AROUND FOR A WHILE! She mentioned something about the trim not being done in the house, which has since been completed. I told her it was done and we'd be happy to have another walk-thru if they wanted to, so she said that she'd talk to them tonight and call our realtor back tomorrow. Think we'll get a call this time? I sure hope so, but I don't think it wise to hold my breath til then.

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  1. Goodness! I can't imagine going through all that without loosing it completely! I hope that they come to their senses, and SOON!!


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