Monday, June 04, 2007

Did Earth stop spinning?

Because it sure seems like time is standing still. Thursday we got the call with a verbal offer on the house and they were going to follow up with the written on Friday, then today. Today we didn't hear anything, either. ARGH! Honestly, why call and get me all excited if you aren't gonna follow through with a real offer? Anyway, I'll be making some calls tomorrow and getting on someone's tail to get me at least a "yes, we are going to offer" or a "hey lady, sorry to get your panties in a bundle, but we changed our minds"

So, in the mean keep me from thinking about it, I've decided to clean the storage area of the basement. If you've seen it, you KNOW what a project that is. We kinda just tossed stuff on the shelves, then we've ALL been digging through trying to find stuff (since the friggin' kitchen isn't big enough here!) and it's been a mess for 3/4 of the time we've lived here. I have laundry baskets and boxes of clothes we've gotten as hand-me-downs or from garage sales that have never been sorted, so I'm working on that. Perhaps, by the time I'm done, I'll have found enough room to be able to paint the laundry room....since I've been trying to do that since MARCH. I'm about 75% done with the shelving area and just starting on the laundry room sorting (ya know I can't just work on ONE thing at a time!) I've got the BRIGHT YELLOW paint sitting here waiting, and I think I'm going to do the chair rail in purple...or hunter green...or maybe leave it brown. Ok, that's a decision for later, but the walls ARE going to be yellow. Bright and cheery if I have to be in the basement. I'd really like a border, but can't find one that I love, either. Ugh. Anyway, let's hope this desire to clean up and declutter continues through the summer so I'm nice and ready for the baby man! I've currently got 7 boxes of stuff ready to load into the car and take to Goodwill, someone came today and picked up the record player we've been trying to get rid of since OCTOBER. Now if I could decide if I wanted to get rid of the cedar chest that was left here or if I want to use it. But, little by little, things are getting done!!


  1. They will come thru! Have to keep the positive thinking!

  2. I hope your house sells, even though I don't like it that you are sooooooo far away. PS-if you don't want your cedar chest I'll take it, I'll even come and get it :) Perfect excuse to visit!


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