Thursday, May 24, 2007

Early Entrance Stuff

Well, this the rain....Rugby, Riley and I rode bikes to school (TJ's got 'er made in the bike trailer!). We get there and Riley is SOAKED because, you know, it's more fun to ride your bike thru the puddles. That's my busy boy! So, we met with Mrs. Graese (pronounced Grace) for Riley's vision screening that he didn't cooperate with when they were doing them for screening day. He passed with flying colors. Yay! One test down for the day. Then, we walked over to Mr. Harmer (the psychologist) and met with him for Riley's tests. There were 4 books, a box of puzzle things to do, and a book of drawings to copy that we made it through today. He did fairly well on them. Toward the end he was getting antsy, so I think that's why he didn't do as well on those. He questioned me as to if Riley had any talents we've noticed like music or anything, but we haven't tried to teach him and he hasn't asked about that yet, either so that was a "No". I did mention to him about the way Riley thinks. There's a logic there with him that I don't see with Rugby. Like a month or two ago when we had this conversation:

"Mom, Jesus is always watching us, right?"
"So, he must be the one that tells Santa to bring the presents, huh?"

Yup, honey, how do you argue with logic like that. During the kindergarten screening he was asked to color a picture of an umbrella and he cut it in half instead and told the teacher she could color half and he'd color the other half. Who expects that from a 4 year old?? Certainly not me, and the teacher was pretty surprised, too.

Anyway, Mr. Harmer said that he'd have more questions for us soon. He also said that he was surprised at the amount of things that we were able to complete today. Usually the kids aren't that great about sitting so well for so long and focusing on things, so that's at least one check mark in Riley's favor in all of this. Ok, I'm done rambling for now, just thought you'd want to know.

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  1. sounds like you have a pretty intelligent boy on your hands there :)


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