Sunday, May 13, 2007

Days 2 & 3....

BUSY BUSY BUSY! We went to see Red Rocks Ampitheater yesterday. That was great fun. Those are some MASSIVE rock formations. It's gorgeous and I got some pretty cool pix up there. I wasn't quite prepared for the change in altitude by being here....I've been a little winded, but nothing too major.
We stopped in Morrison on the way back into Denver and got ice cream and ended up in THE UNIQUE BOUTIQUE. It was their Grand Opening so they had cake and soda and raffle prizes! Everyone but me won something. But that's alright...less to cram into the suitcase for the trip home. There was some neat jewlery and trinkets in that store, though. Here's some pictures from our time in Morrison.....
Today was Sue's graduation from MSCD. YAY!!! It's only been 10 years since she started this journey. I'm very proud of her for finishing it up and finally graduating. Right after Sue walked the stage, I was followed back to my seat by some guy we didn't know....kinda freaked me out at first since I was taking pictures where I didn't belong and I thought I was gonna get yelled at. Instead, Mom B and I got interviewed! He was a reporter for a news station out here. He talked to Mom B about having a daughter graduate on Mother's Day and how special that was, and to me about being a mom and the specialness of Mother's Day and what's it's like to be a mother. We are sitting here watching the news, but I don't think they used our segment. Oh well, we were 2 minutes from famous. LOL! It was still cool. The camera girl was from Door County, so that was neat. She knew we were from Wisconsin by my accent. I didn't know I had one!! LOL! Anyway, the sisters are downstairs having a belly dancing lesson from Sue and partying to celebrate. They want me to show them the School Song cheerleading dance, but I can't remember it. I remember parts, but not the very beginning. I wish that I did!! I wonder how many of the cheers I used to know that I've since forgotten, also. That's kind of sad since I did that for SO LONG and then was the cheer coach for a year, too. Maybe it'll come back to me if I do the rest. Alright, I should be going back to the hoopla. I head home in the morning. Sure will be nice to see Tim and the boys again! (But it was fun being away, too!!) ***I'll have graduation pix when I get back to post, also!***


  1. Looks like you had a really fun trip!

  2. Welcome home!! Was the house still standing when you got home?? I don't know if I'd trust Mark alone that long... LOL


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