Saturday, May 12, 2007

Day 1 in Denver

Aside from waiting for someone to pick me up from the airport (a mere 45 mintues after I arrived), I've been having fun! Sue dropped Dad B and I off at her internship and we talked from there to the mall (there was a Restoration Hardware store there) and then we walked back to Sue's apartment (I had to give us directions back and it was a LONG walk) but we had fun! Even stopped for a snack on the way back. (Sue and Mom B went to the airport to get Christine and Steph) Then when Christine and Steph got out here we went to a Hibachi restaurant, Benihana, for dinner. It was SO fun. We didn't have a long wait, despite not having reservations. I even tried sushi....and liked it! It was California Rolls, so there was no raw fish or seaweed. We enjoyed the "newbie" chef preparing our dinner and they brought Sue birthday ice cream and took our picture. Here's one that some random guy took of all of us...

Then, this morning I got up and read while I waited for the other 3 girls to get up. Then Steph and I got ready for a walk and by then Christine and Sue came along, too and we walked to the coffee shop down the street, Pablo's, for the morning coffee (or Chai Tea for Christine) and came back and Dad B MADE AND CLEANED UP breakfast. Here's proof!

Then, Christine and Sue went to work out. Dad B and Steph went to a Farmer's Market and shopping in the Cherry Creek area and Mom B and I stayed at the apartment since Lisa is scheduled to arrive anytime now....then we are heading to Red Rocks. More to come!!!

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