Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Time To Play TJ Catch-up!

Batteries in my camera have been dead for days, so I haven't been able to get the pix off the camera. I charged them and they sat like that for a day or two before today, too. I finally got ambition to take care of that. Here's some photos...

TJ is climbing up to standing on EVERYTHING he can get to stand still long enough. He loves that he's mobile enough to get where he wants to and can now get up higher. He's starting to be brave enough to walk around the furniture, but forgets to hold on sometimes. He's not thrilled with falling.

He also had his first haircut. Sunday, Rugby and Riley had haircuts and TJ needed one (Daddy thought, anyway). So, I gave him his bottle, sat on the floor and gave him a trim. I used the longest one I had, but it was enough to get rid of the major fly-away top that he had. I can't believe that he had his first haircut already, though. I have the hair in a little keepsake bag in his baby book. Just have to print the before and after pix. Here's an after:

****Also, we've had an offer on the house which we counter offered on this morning....hopefully all will go well with that. They would like to close on or before April 30, so this is GREAT news on our end!! Please, some prayers and good thoughts for us the next few days!!


  1. Congrats on the offer! Hopefully everything will go well.

    Cute haircut!! :-)

  2. wishing you the best on the house closing.

    Yeah to TJ on his walking!!!Clap!


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