Sunday, February 11, 2007

WHAT did we get ourselves INTO???

For several weeks now, we've been telling the boys a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW story every night before bed. It started out that Tim was the only one allowed to tell the story and the boys got to pick a part and he'd add it in as he went....well, then one night he wasn't here and I got to tell the story, so in addition to the first thing, they each got to add something WHILE I was telling the story. Last week, I told the boys a story about fish (Rugby's idea) and a Valentine Clock (Riley's Idea). The story stretched into two nights (because I didn't end the first night well enough!!) So, tonight the boys wanted to hear another part of the "Magic Golden Valentine Clock" story. Poor Timmy had to add it into his story. I think I heard something about magicians and dinosaurs. OY VEY!


  1. Cute! My boys will stretch out story time any way they can. Sometimes making up stories of their own! It's a boys' life for me too!

  2. That is pretty funny as Claire has gotten into a similar thing - asks us to tell her either a scary, nice or silly story (usually all three) before bed! The best though is when we ask Claire to tell us a is amazing what that little head can think of!


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