Monday, February 05, 2007

Lots going on!

Things here are crazy! (What house with a baby isn't??) TJ found a new treat that he's LOVING! (drum roll, please..............) CHEERIOS! Keeps him busy for a long time, too! WOO HOO!! He's actually starting to enjoy the walker and not being long as he's got cheerios!! LOL!

Here's a couple more pix of the boys....This is when poor Timmy got kicked out of bed cuz it was too full of other men :) I'm the big lump under the blanket on the right.

Here's the boys with me last night....It was a lazy (read: cold) day and we lounged around in our bed watching a Will & Grace marathon (Thanks to Adam and Kelly who borrowed me the whole first season on DVD!!).


  1. Wow - TJ is getting SO big!!!! it isn't that noticable until I see him next to you all!

  2. Boy, are you ever outnumbered!

    However, I'm a little jealous because when mine hit their teens, they're going to be hystrionic girls (only one boy) and you'll just have stinky boys. I'll take the latter.

    Cuties, all!


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