Saturday, December 16, 2006

Reason #482 why I'm glad we don't have TV....

Remember when Tim was talking about the HUGE rummage sale that he went to this past summer? There was a man there selling "special" stones. Tim was talking to him and he said that he just went to the creek or river behind his house and got them, then was able to sell them on the rummage as some sort of fancy/special stone for like $5 each. The man was laughing about it. (And I'm laughing that people would actually pay $5 for a ROCK....of any kind!) Anywho, Rugby and Riley seem to have taken that enterpreneurial creativity to heart.....

Tim was cleaning up in the yard yesterday...there's large piles of brush from the trees that he and Adam cut down a week earlier. Well, just so happens that the back window of the truck got in the way of some of the brush and shattered into lots and lots of tiny pieces, but stayed in place. He comes in and said that we should have the glass people come in and replace the windshield (I knew we needed to do that, anyway) but, he said as long as they are coming, they could do the back, too.....that's when he told me what happened. Argh! So, this morning he took the kids to the dump with him to get rid of the brush and the glass is no longer in the window(I think he knocked it out before they left so that it wasn't falling out on the road). The boys decide that they are going to sell the jewlery. Here's a pic....


  1. Now, this makes their auntie proud!!! Maybe I'll have to use them as an example in class!!!

  2. That is way to cute!! We will have to buy some pretty jewelry from them! :-)


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