Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Marree Crismaas!!

(That's kindergarten writing for Merry Christmas!) It's in HOW many days??!! ZOIKS! I don't think this is good!! We are not done shopping yet, I have a bed full of presents to wrap yet (hopefully today) and should really do some baking. I didn't get much done this year. Can I "blame" it on the adorable Mr. TJ being new? Yup, I think I can! Riley and I could have gotten more done had we not had him around, however I'll take gettin' nuttin' done over not having him....hands down, anyday! At least yesterday I got the last present done for the neices and nephew and got that package mailed to Iowa. Rugby had his school christmas program last night.

Tim was able to borrow a video camera from school and tape it and I'm hoping to get that edited and burned to DVD so we can take it with us for the weekend. I also taped my friend Kathy's kids since I noticed that she didn't remember her camera so I'll surprise her with a DVD of her boys, too. (Trett is Riley's friend and Garrett is 7)

Today, Tim is taking the last couple of tests for his PPST (it's the English day). I took one of the practice tests last night and did pretty well. Only 4 wrong out of 21, but Timmy didn't fare as well, so the tests today may be a bit challenging for him. I hope that he does well, it'd help him get done with school sooner (assuming he doesn't get the job he wants to apply for in LaCrosse).

Tonight is JOY club awards and parents night. We get to go see what the boys have been doing in JOY club and they'll get any awards that they've earned, so that will be neat. Especially for Riley to have something to look forward to, also.

Alright, I'm getting nothing done sitting here bloggin' so I should get rockin'......there's 3 baskets of clothes sitting on the couch waiting so very patiently to be folded....and a mountain of presents yet to wrap! Happy Ho-Ho everyone!

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  1. Hi Jess!! I found your blog (again). I can now keep up with you and leave comments!!!!

    Merry Christmas to all of you. Sounds like you have a house full of activity this year. (but what house with all boys isn't full of activity?? LOL)

    Happy New Year too!! Christy xo


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