Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Weekend Update

I'm unable to post pix and it's making me upset. ARGH!!!!!!!!

Anywho, here's the update.....Riley's party was great! He had a race car ice cream cake that was super yummy, not to mention Granny's awesome spaghetti and all the goodies we had with it. I love my mom for doing that for me!! (Ok, more than JUST for that, but you know what I mean!!) The kids all had a good time playing together. Riley had a good time going 'round and 'round on his new "cooter." And the other kids had fun with the pedal tractor, too.

Saturday we did the American Heart Association Heart Walk and it was really nice! The weather was perfect. We didn't let the kids ride their bikes because there were too many people, so they walked it, too....well partly, anyway. Tim and I took turns carrying them and when TJ was in the pack on me, they sometimes got to ride in the stroller, too. 3 miles is a little too long for them, but they did great!! After the walk, Christine and Leah met us at the stadium and we went out for lunch at Qdoba. Then, we hit a few rummages and went home to load the freezer and some other stuff.....while we were there someone stopped and wanted to see the house, so we did that before we left. It was a girl and her mom. The girl is married or going to be married soon and her mom seemed very interested, so we'll see what happens there. There was also another bite from FSBO.com, so we'll see on that also...I'm still waiting on a reply from her to the phone call and e-mail that I sent yesterday.

Well, that's about all I have for now. If the Blogger people ever get back to me about my issue loading pix, I'll post them, too.

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