Thursday, September 14, 2006

Look what the boys can do!!

I'm a very proud mama today! Last night, the boys talked Tim into taking off their training wheels....Rugby was the one who brought it up, but when it came time to do it he didn't want his off but RIley did, so Tim just took his off. He picked it up right away! And because Riley was doing so well and getting so much praise for being a big boy, Rugby wanted his off, too. And HE DID GREAT! Like a duck to water, he picked it up almost immediately! It was so awesome!! After supper, to celebrate, we walked with the boys on their bikes to the gas station that has ice cream, had a cone and came home. It was after 8 when we got here and they were TIRED! Riley's bike is power driven, so he's got to keep pedaling and can't coast....but they are wonderful! They rode the bikes to school this morning and while we had a few crashes, it was really good....just took a little longer to get there, much to TJ's dismay....he was getting a little fussy with all the stopping. LOL! But, he's happy now...kinda...

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