Wednesday, September 13, 2006

LOL! A little help from Riley...

Yup, that was him yesterday. I started the post, got a call and he "finished" for me. I didn't realize it til this morning. Anyway, we did have a good time at the library. He was VERY VERY shy, so that was strange and frustrating since that isn't normally his behavior. I'm sure it'll get better the more we go and there is one little boy there that's the same age that lives down the street (I think I mentioned him before), so maybe we'll get to see them outside of library time and that will help both boys....since they were both rather shy.

Sunday, Tim and I started laying hardwood in Riley's room, we finished that late in the afternoon, so I painted in there right away and last night we put the trim back on last night and started to hang some really thick rope as chair rail. It looks SO NEAT!! Plus, we decided that Rugby would get the big dresser in his closet and Riley would have the small dresser in his closet so then Riley can keep the big bed and it'll be there for company instead of the couch. We're still looking for some more fat rope to finish instead of using 1x3 wood that I was originally going to use. Maybe my FIL will have some. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) Tonight TIm is going to try to get his ceiling fan up and finish Rugby's flooring. Here's a pic of the happy Riley in his room it's not the best, but you get the idea (he's standing under where the marlin is going to be)...

Mr. TJ is doing well. He's gaining weight quite well...he's gotten to be a chunky little monkey, so that makes me happy to know that he's gaining well. We'll find out how well at his 8 week check up on the 21st. He's been enjoying our daily walks back and forth to school and has been awesome so far. Last night was six hours of straight sleep, so that was really nice. I don't have any recent pix...I'll try and take some today and post tonight or tomorrow.

Hope all is well with you. Have a great day!

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