Friday, September 01, 2006

Finally time to settle in....

We arrived in Boyceville today for what appears to be our chance to settle in. Tim's done working and school starts on Wednesday for both him and Rugby. Tim started arranging his garage tonight while the kids and I walked up to the football game (Eldest 2 were toooooo excited to sit and watch, but did the little "WHOOP WHOOP" from Shrek 2 when the Bulldogs did something good.) The garage is starting to look good...I may even be able to park in there this winter! LOL! If only I could get the house stuff put away we'd be in good shape. We did manage to get rid of a boxspring and mattress....Tanya's (my cousin) boyfriend is coming to get it tomorrow so we set our queen set up in there tonight. (We have a full size set with a dresser and chest of drawers for sale, also if anyone is interested!! It's nice, too!) It must be comfy cuz Timmy's snoring away and I'm sitting at the computer in the living room. Hmm, wonder how that works since I'm the one getting up with the kid. Anywho, we were in Connorsville tonight, just a drive thru, but it's the home of Andy Pafko...some big name baseball guy, so now we can say we were there, too. Well, tomorrow we'll rummage around a little and get some groceries in the house for our existance here. More to come, and hopefully some new pix, too. Nighty night folks!

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