Thursday, July 13, 2006

Still nothing!

That's right, nobody looking at the house and no baby, either!

Tim is going to be home this afternoon. YAY! And then he thinks we'll have the baby tomorrow. So funny the way that man thinks! But, either way we know that the little one will be here by Monday night. I can't wait. I really should pack for me and the boys and get our reoom cleared out so that the baby has a place to be. Right now the stuff is still stacked in the bassinet in the living room. At least it's all washed. I think that he's slowly dropping lower cuz my back's been bugging me and there's more pressure. Maybe I can talk the boys into helping me clean up and get ready for the baby today. But then Tim will come home and it'll be a disaster around here anyway so does it really pay to work that hard today to have it be a disaster tonight? I dunno. I don't have much ambition either....especially in the heat.

Well, I should get my butt moving and actually accomplish something today. We'll keep you posted if baby shows up!

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