Thursday, July 06, 2006

I was starting to think water was over-rated!

Well, Monday we had Steve and Trudy and Rich Tucker over for dinner. The kids were playing with the hose making their daddy upset, so I thought Tim shut the water to the house off. I asked him if I'd been naughty, too that he had to do that. Turns out that it wasn't him.........the pump on the well died. ARGH! So, Joel and my dad worked on it all day Tuesday...heck of a way to spend the 4th! But, they were unable to get the pump out of the well, so Wednesday morning I called a well driller/pump repair guy and they came over in the afternoon and THEY were unable to get the pump out. Didn't help that the pump is just inches from the house and they couldn't use the hoist on the truck. So, they went back to their office and fabricated something to try with some bottle jacks. Luckily that worked, otherwise they'd have to pop a hole in the roof to be able to use the hoist. But, we didn't have to go that route. So, while they were here I had them do a well inspection so that we have that ready for when we sell the house and we need to apply for a variance from the DNR because the casing for the well is so close to the house. But, at least we know that now and not later.

Monday morning I had doctor, also. Things are moving right along for Mr. Baby Man. I'm 50% effaced and dilated to 2. She said I can sit that way for a while or I might go quick, so it's still just a matter of waiting it out. Tim left Tuesday for Florida til July 13th, so I scheduled my induction for the 17th so that we are sure that he can be there if the baby hasn't made his arrival by then. My mother and grandmother are all worked up about when the baby is going to get here and how I'm going to get to the hospital.....I figure that there are enough people around here that I don't need to worry about that. With a little luck I'll go in on's supposed to be 90 degrees over the weekend and if it's that way I'm NOT LEAVING THE HOUSE!

Yesterday, WG&R delivered the new glider rocker and dining set that Tim ordered. They are beautiful. Still not sure I like the idea of white fabric on the dining chairs, but I sure am glad that we put the fabric protection stuff on them! The kids ate their first meal on them this morning and I had to wash the cushions already. Glad that it's going to be in the dining room at the new house and not being the table that we'll use on a regular basis!

I've got MOST of the baby stuff ready, though not all of it. Still have to get some cloth diapers to use for burp rags and maybe some fleece to make sheets for the bassinette since I can't find flannel pillowcases in the summer. I got a changing table cushion for the top of the dresser I plan to use as a changing table, diaper bag, and I think that should about do it. I guess we'll see what I forgot about once he gets here and we need it. LOL!

Ok, I've written a long enough book for today. Thanks for dropping in!

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  1. Christine said.......
    If you need any help at all let me know. We are in town and I am right next to the hospital. I can take the boys or stay with you. Although, I think that the baby will be stubborn and wait until the 17th. :-)


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