Friday, May 19, 2006

Moving Right Along

Sounds like things are finally falling into place for our new house! HOORAY! The realtor was meeting with the appraiser today and that was all that we needed yet. Once we have a closing date and time I can schedule the utilites to be turned on at the new house. So far, so good!

The kids helped me plant flowers today and Rugby's space party is tomorrow. Can't wait! I'll post pix when it's all over. More to come............


  1. christine says..

    Thanks Jessie for taking anonymous comments. Some us us just couldn't figure that out!! Looking forward to the space party. Congrats on the house.

  2. Good luck with the house!! Glad to hear everything is going well!! How was the space party??

    - Susan said :)

  3. Hey, when you have a chance, you need to fix the link to my blog. The last name is spelled wrong. :) Hope you had a nice time at the party this weekend!


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