Thursday, December 29, 2005

Update from Tulane

Timmy and Joel made it into Louisianna on Tuesday night. No food to be found by the time they got in, so they finally ate at lunch time yesterday from a resaurant they found near Tulane where they are working. They did manage to find a pizza place to deliver to the hotel, so they should be set. They have yet to see a door. On the way to the job site yesterday they were told that everyone "but you two" will be hanging doors. Tim and Joel got roped into building a stage. They are in a little room with one lightbulb and EVERY piece of lumber needs to be cut down, the plans they've got are 50 years old and this is the 2nd time that someone has tried to build the stage. The first time whoever built it, it wasn't right, so it all got tore out and now started over. Sounds like they are trying to get things to match what they were before the storm hit. Tim said that the whole town is just trash, saw the $1,000 roofs that Uncle Jan was talking about (tarps over), and stock disappears from store shelves as fast as it gets there....they were having a hard time finding tools that they needed. They are working 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Sunday is an optional day this week because of it being New Years, but Tim and Joel thought that they'd work it for the time and a half. I'm trying to talk Tim into finding a disposable camera and taking some pix, so if he does that I'll post them when he gets home.

Off to the yarn shop, more updates tomorrow (maybe...if I remember!).

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