Monday, June 14, 2010


Remember that old Bert and Ernie clip where they are out on the lake and Ernie doesn't bring a fishing pole and Bert doesn't believe that you can catch fish by calling them?

It kinda feels like that around here lately. The boys (all 5 of them) are in a race to catch the biggest bass. Tim will catch a big one, then one of the boys will catch a bigger one and it goes back and forth. Tim doesn't ever get to hold the family record for more than 24 hours. This weekend, Tim caught a 17" bass in the morning.

And TJ caught a 20" that afternoon.

He wanted to cast while we were out fishing, so Tim put a big bait thing on the hook and let him go. About a half hour of him casting and reeling it in right away and we hear a big splash. We thought it was Riley catching a big one, but he yelled that it was JoJo. Tim went running. TJ was reeling it in, but trying to hang on for dear life. He got it about 5' from shore before it was too tough and Tim had to help out.

What a beauty.

Of course, the water was just too hard for Riley and Tucker to resist. Riley was playing in the water and Tucker jumped in....he didn't expect it to be so deep, so he wasn't able to catch his balance and needed Riley to rescue him. There's a reason we don't have a pool in the yard! Here's a shot of all the boys on the way home from the lake.

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