Saturday, May 29, 2010

Send clorox wipes and wine...STAT!

We're knee deep (almost literally!) in potty training's hit or miss, especially with the #2 portion of the training. Tonight, he is standing on the deck and pulls his pants to his ankles, "Me go potty outside" and I whisk him to the toilet, "No, we go on the potty" and he did. He took off running outside to play with Dad and JoJo and the neighbor boy. Five minutes later, I was heading outside to see how things are going and to see if Tim needed help, but caught Tucker trying to get in the back door. Being the FABULOUS mother that I am, I let him struggle with the door while I took the time to hide (right next to the door) to scare him when he walked in.

Should I stop here and tell you that he dressed himself earlier in the day and was sans undies? Yes, that's important to know.....

So, he gets the door open and I scare him. (yay! lol!) He's saying "Me going poops, Mom. Me going pooooooooooooooops." Too late. It had fallen from his bum, slid down his leg and out onto the concrete step. I scooped him up, pulled the pants and shoes off and plunked him on the toilet....where he realized there was poop spread on his leg, so therefore it was on the toilet seat and totally grossing him out. Straight to the shower with the kidlet, out come the Clorox wipes and while he's showering, I'm sharing this all with you....then I'm getting my wine. I may need more by the time the weekend is over.


  1. Oh my Gosh........too funny!! Grandpa is going to love this one!

  2. eventually & God willing i will have my share of such adventures... but that is still in the future... first wedding ceremony @ parents in sept & hoping to be in a different place when we decide to start growing our family!

    just keep your mommy juice handy & a sense of humor & i know you will make it!!!


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