Wednesday, February 17, 2010


When we moved back into this house last fall, we knew we wanted to make some upgrades and repairs to this house. We built it in 2000 with the blood, sweat, and tears of a newlywed couple (read: broke). We searched for deals on everything. Friends gave us furniture, plumber friends gave us plumbing things; we were very fortunate and still count our friends as some of our greatest blessings. You would not believe the amount of TIME people gave us to help build this house. It was amazing. Every weekend, there was someone here doing something. So, not everything was what we "wanted", but it looked nice and was functional so that's what counted (and still does!) the most. Little by little, we've been making some modifications. I showed you the new buffet thing in the living room already. I've also shown you the garbage cabinet and the former broom closet-turned-appliance garage. Today, I'm showing you my new kitchen sink. I am a mom of FOUR BOYS. That makes FIVE BOYS in my house....who are hungry! Thus, I spend a TON of time in the kitchen. We had a functional stainless steel sink. It was a gift to us and was wonderful, but it really made that side of the kitchen dark. I have white countertops. A month ago on Craigslist, someone offered up a WHITE sink. Not just any white sink....a KOHLER, white, cast iron sink! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

Now, we're in the market for a new faucet to replace the one that came with the sink. I'd love something with a high arch to it, but we'll see!

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