Friday, September 11, 2009

Run Margie Run!

(We're gonna back up and talk about the 5K today. I've got a lot of family stuff happening right now that I don't want to talk about, so we'll do this instead...hope you don't mind.)

August 22, 2009.

The day of my first 5K. It marked a big step for me. It means I got off my lazy rear and did something FOR ME. I trained for this. I worked hard for it. I got hurt, but I came back for more. Yes, my time wasn't that great, but I did it. Considering the fact that we moved the month before the race and I hadn't kept up with the running while we were doing all that, I don't think I did terrible. I love that it's a start. I actually learned to enjoy running. I love the sculpted look of my calves after walking and running for 8 months. I love that I'm two sizes smaller than a year ago. I love the energy on race day. Everyone is so positive and smiling. It's a kindred spirits kind of thing...finding 160(in this case) other people that are there because they like it, too. No, they didn't all run, but they were there to support the library and each other and have fun. It was great. And now, I can't wait until next weekend when I get to do it again!


  1. Way to go Jess! You're alot more ambitious than I am. I could walk it, but running--NO WAY!
    Love ya

  2. ahhhh...this post makes me smile. There is nothing more inspiring that doing a race, isn't there? The people and atmosphere are great - and what a great activity. Glad to see you getting into it. - stephanie

  3. Congratulations & keep it going!!


  4. Way to go!!! So proud of you!


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