Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Runner?

I never thought that would be me.

I never even WANTED that to be me.

That is before now. I am LOVING running. I got my duct tape running bra in the mail a week or so ago and it's made ALL THE DIFFERENCE. I've never spent that much money on a bra before and was VERY leary to do it now, but it was completely worth it!! It still does the uni-boob thing, but it doesn't look terrible and just that nothing is bouncing all over is worth it to me. I even ran a couple times while we were back home for the funeral. There were hills involved and I did it anyway...and loved every minute! I was really enjoying the cool, quiet morning running through some farm country and it was gorgeous. Especially the top of the hill at the start of my run....of course at the end of my run I had to go UP that big hill, but I did alright! I think the route is about 2-3 miles total so it was a good run for a beginner like me.

This morning, Tim asked if I was going to go for a run, but yesterday I was on a bike ride with a friend...forgot the sunscreen....and I don't think I could have comfortably worn the duct tape bra today....tomorrow is a chance, but we were in the sun again today from 10-3 at the lake. This time I remembered the sunscreen, but didn't remember to reapply often enough and I have a touch of crispy shoulders....I'm hoping it's not too bad in the morning because I'd really like to go, especially while Tim is home and I can go a bit farther without worrying about the kids.

In other news, we had a showing while we were gone. The same people are coming back tomorrow night to look again. Please say a prayer (or send happy thoughts, whatever...) that they are happy with what they see and make an offer. We'd love to have this off our hands and minds! Thanks. I guess that's all for now, hopefully I'll be back Thursday or Friday with good news!!


  1. Hi Jess, You could have ran over to my place from your Mom's. I'm only about 2-3 miles away.

  2. I would have loved that, Alice! But, we were staying in our old house in Slab City. I ran up Slab City Road past Wussow's farm(s) and to Boettcher's before turning around and coming back. The giant hill by Wussow's was killer!


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